Thursday, February 17, 2011


Toyota Knitting Machine Resource Library Site

We have put up a companion website for the Toyota Machine Knitters Yahoo Group. It's being used as a resource library for pictures of machines and more importantly, electronic copies of manuals. These are all downloadable and free of charge for anyone who needs them. We are still looking for a few manuals, like the old Simulknit attachment for the KR460 ribber that was used with the KS787 machines, but as we come across them, we are sharing them via this website.
If you are a interested in Toyota knitting machines, check it out. There is a lot of information there.

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Thanks for your blog. I have just bought a used Toyota KS 858 and am finding it really difficult to follow their yarn threading instructions. (I'm a first time machine knitter.) My husband and I have tried but the tension was obviously wrong. The yarn threader all looks OK. It has 3 prongs going up from it - should there be 4?

I have the manual. I've only used google to search for an answer and that's how your site came up. Are you able to help at all?

[It also came with a toyota KR506 and its manual. It's manual has three pages of instructions for the simulknit.] I think I read you were looking for that?
Need advice on buying a first machine.

Hunting for the Bulky punchcard machines and have found 2.

A Knitking bulky( Brother clone ?) and an Elna 2300.

Both have a ribber and seem to be in nice shape and at good prices . The Elna has more goodies with it...stand, ballwinder and puncher and is $200. cheaper.

The Elna has a 12 hole punchcard Vs a 24 and not sure if that makes a difference or not and not sure if parts are available as readily for both . Hoping that you could advise me between the two !!!

Anne in Dallas
Hi there!

I need some help. I just found a toyota ks501 ribber at a local thrift shop for very cheap. If I have this ribber, what exactly do I have? I realize after doing some reading online that the ribber is just an attachment machine to the actual flat bed knitting machine. Am I wrong? Does this mean I have to purchase the actual knitting machine to start using the ribber I found?

I remember these machines from college but never got the chance to use them. I am hoping that what I found today will be of some use?


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