Friday, October 30, 2009


Pictures of Toyota Machines by Model

I need to start this by stating that some of these photos were copied from Ebay Auctions and I sure hope I'm not in trouble for posting them here. Some of these are of my own machines or of my friends machines too. I'm hoping that members of the Toyota Knitters Yahoo Group, or any other Toyota KM knitters out there will contribute photo's of their machines to either make corrections to this information or to fill in the gaps. The last Toyota badged model, KS950. The Elna 2400 is exactly the same machine but the color combination is maroon/burgundy and grey instead of maroon/burgundy and cream.
This model features transfer lace attachements that are mounted onto the main carriage for transfer lace instead of the 2 carriage for transfer lace system of the earlier models. The square shaped darker colored peices of metal in the photo above are the attachments that actually transfer the stitches from one needle to another for transfer lace. Since it transfers stitches and knits all in the same pass of the machine, it really cuts down on the time to knit transfer lace. Mulitiple transfers are accomplished by holding the yarn out of the feeder during the transfer rows on the punchcard and then re-inserted on the last transfer row . It transfers and knits all in the same row when the yarn is in the feeder.
These two photos show how different the KS858 carriage is from the KS950. I need to get some pictures of my KS901 to post here too. It's packed away right now.
This is the Toyota 777, which oddly enough appears to be the exact replica of my KS858, it's even the very same colors! My manual shows 3 different model numbers on its cover, the 777, the 856 and the 858. When I get a chance I'll have to compare them to see what the differences are, they are minute I'm sure. These are standard gauge machines but the do not use a standard 24 stitch punchcard. They are 12 stitch, 4.5mm standard gauge machines and be careful when you are purchasing punchcards for these machines. I found out the expensive way that just because it's a 12 stitch card, doesn't mean it will work. The 12 stitch bulky punchcards hole placement is off just enough to be unusable by these machines. Fortunately, I have both machines so I'm good to go no matter what cards I buy LOL!!
This was up for auction as a Toyota/Elna 7. It looks like the machine below that was sent to me as a Toyota 727
The Toyota 727. I believe there is an Elna version of this machine also, in the same colors too, but I can't say for sure. Maybe I'm getting myself confused because of the auction photo and the photo's from a friend being so much alike yet titled as different model numbers. And now I've looked closely at the Toyota 747 manual and it looks just like these machines too. No wonder we get confused!
These are photos of the Toyota 787, it takes the Toyota KR460 ribber and requires the K80 Simulknit kit which was a seperate attachment unlike the 500 series ribbers where the Simulknit function is built in to the coupler already.
Thank you Gladys for the pictures from your website. Here's the link if you want to click over and see what Gladys Goodie, one of the Grand Dame's of the machine knitting world, has to share about it.
The Bulky Machines
This is the Bulky Elna 2300. It is the exact same machine as the Studio/Singer/SilverReed/Knitmaster sk155 bulky machines and the Toyota KS650 bulky machine.

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