Sunday, February 22, 2009


KS901 Carriage in Action

This little mini vidi is to show how the carriage should move across the needlebed. It's just so much easier to show things than to try to explain it. I hope this will help some of the new machine knitters out there to see what is supposed to be happening with their machines :)

Before I ran out of time I was trying to explain how I oil for each project. Everyone has their own preferences, there have been all out list wars on what products are the best. After using many different oils from Lori Lyn spray to Hoppes Gun Oil, the oil that I prefer to use is the Singer Brand Machine Oil. The bottle reads : All purpose - specially formulated for sewing/knitting machines, vacumm cleaners, household appliances, and it lists a few other things. My knitting guru, Patrick Madden swears by it, all my machines love it and since I started using it exclusively, I don't get that black stuff all over anymore either. Most importantly, I have no build up or hardening or gumming of any of my machine working parts.

As I try to point out when ever I give any kind of help or advise regarding machine knitting, all my opinions are based on my own personal experience, your results may vary :)

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