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Elna 2300 = Toyota KS650 = Singer/Studio/SilverReed SK155

I wanted to show how these machines are the same machine, just different colors and different badges.
elna 2300 Bulky 9mm knitting machine
These pictures of the bulky 9mm elna 2300 were copied from an Ebay auction site.

Toyota KS650
Singer SK155
Studio SK155
Silver Reed SK155

Hi Clarisse,

I have an Elna EK2400 and Elna EK2450 Ribber (never unpacked). I also have all of the attachments and manuals with the exception of the manual puncher. I also have some duplicate attachments. All of these attachements are brand new and have never been unpacked. I was given this as a gift from my friend who used to own a sewing store in Lafayette, Ca. I am missing the punch cards. The machine came with 20 pre punched and 10 blanks. We have searched everywhere for them. They are a 24 needle width. After doing much research, I think this machine was merged with Toyota and renamed/renumbered KS950 Knitter. Can you help me located punch cards for this machine? I live in Walnut Creek. Thanks. You can contact me at
You certainly have a nice collection of machines! I am a beginner machine knitter and recently upgraded from the Ultimate Sweater Machine to a Toyota KS901. The Toyota machine came with a KR501 Rib bed but no carriage. I have searched the internet but haven't come up with anything. Any ideas on how I can get a KR501 rib carriage or maybe another carriage that would be compatible?
Hi Lilbirdy, Blogger doesn't give me your email address so I don't know how else to get a message to you other than posting here :) You can try in Anaheim, California, they were one of the dealers of these machines that is still in business. I do believe that a carriage and coupler for any of the 500 series of ribbers i.e. KR505 and KR506 carraiges, will work for you though. You may have some luck watching ebay and other "for sale" websites.
And WELCOME to Machine Knitting!!
Awesome info ! Thank you very much
Im thinking of buying a Toyota 858 in mint con.
Not sure what types of yarns it takes or ribber
Im just learning please Help ;o)
Any info would be very helpful
Thank you
Hi Thank you for all the information on these great machines. Can I ask you if you know of any difference between the punch cards for the ks950 and Brother punch cards. I am finding it difficult to find Toyota cards anywhere. Thank you in advance for any info. Happy Knitting Everyone Christine
hi.toyota787 machine use different punchcards What are the dimension?
Absolutely fabulous information.
I thought i was stuck because i bought a toyota knitting machine (having never used one) with out the manual, and the needles are rusty and it wont knit.
Your manual files for KS901 saved me for now.
Thank you
Am a new machine knitter. Am looking at bulky machines and was wondering if a 12 hole punch card is more limiting than a 24 hole ? See a brother with 24 vs an elna / toyota with 12. The brother is more expensive. Do you think the 12 hole patterns are OK ?

Anne in Tx
I am looking for a bulky knit knitting machine.
My email address is -
Kind regards
Hi you don't know where I could buy a carriage for a Toyota 950?
My email is
I have a carriage and arm for a Toyota 901. Looking to trade for a carriage and arm for Elna EK2300, Toyota KS650 or Singer/Silver Reed/Studio SK155.
These connections are fresh out of the box new and have never been unloaded. I was given this as a blessing from my companion who used to claim a sewing store in Lafayette, Ca. I am feeling the loss of the punch cards. The machine accompanied 20 pre-punched and 10 spaces. We have looked all over the place for them. They are a 24 needle width. In the wake of doing much research, I think this machine was converged with Toyota these details.
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I have a Toyota KS650 for sale. It will need a new sponge and there is no cast on comb. If interested, please email me at
Kind regards,
Hello, I have a Knitmaster 155 chunky machine. Does anyone have any 12 stitch punchcards for sale?


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